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About Yogitri

Yogitri is a flourishing company and has been for quite some time one of the largest yoga & meditation webshops in Europe. The assortment of Yogitri is very diverse and consists in particular of yoga, meditation and ayurveda products. The articles that Yogini offers are consciously chosen, with respect for people, animals and the environment.

Sander van der Kruk has been the owner and initiator of Yogitri since 2008. In the years before he has built up a wealth of experience in various fields as a Raja Yoga teacher. With his lessons and lectures he was extremely driven to share his knowledge and insights. His fascination with the old philosophy of yoga has been a source of inspiration for him since childhood. "Yoga and meditation provide the opportunity to discover, develop and purify the true self, with the aim of achieving great inner harmony and ultimately realizing it."

Because of his passion for yoga, Sander founded Yogitri with a lot of love and dedication. With the provision of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda products, he and the Yogitri team have the ambition to contribute to the self-absorption process of humanity.

Yogitri label

Yogitri develops and sells various meditation, yoga and ayurveda products under an own label Yogitri. The successful label has now become a popular brand. Quality, organic and sustainability is what you can expect from Yogitri products. The attention to make products as original and unique as possible remains a pleasant challenge for Yogini. Trends, improvement and functionality are recurring aspects in the creation of new Yogitri products. Also to develop products that can be combined with each other, and where the colours are constantly the same.

With the Yogitri collection, Yogini has the largest meditation offer worldwide. Items such as meditation cushions, meditation zabutons, yoga & meditation blankets, yoga & meditation clothing. But also yoga towels, yoga mats, eye cushions, yoga bolsters, yoga belts and various ayurveda products are available under the Yogitri label.

The Yogitri label is characterized by twelve unique colours, where some items are provided with spiritual symbolism. The colours are described as rose red, pure orange, sunset yellow, forest green, sky blue, pearl white, lavender, eggplant, nut brown, night black, anthracite grey and ruby red. The symbols used are mostly inspired by the seven chakras, but the OM sign and the Flower of Life can also be found on the Yogitri products. Due to the diversity of colours, designs and models, all accessories can be perfectly combined.

Yogitri strives to produce as honestly and responsibly as possible, with the aim of minimizing the burden on the environment. The Yogitri products are of excellent, natural and durable quality, and GOTS certified.

Mission Yogitri

Yogitri aims to inspire others and to make a positive contribution to humanity. Whether it involves developing beautiful efficient products or transferring yoga science. Yogitri wishes a beautiful, pure world. A place where we as humans can live for many centuries in love and harmony.

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