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Meditation clothing women

Whether you meditate daily or a few times a week, it feels good to wear soft and comfortable clothing when you meditate. Your clothes should cause as little distraction or obstruction as possible so you can fully concentrate on your meditation. The meditation clothing that you wear can have a positive influence on your meditation.

Comfortable and natural meditation clothing

The importance of meditation clothing differs for everyone. There are a number of meditation forms with their own clothing preference, but in general rough fabrics, loose threads, or tight clothing can be a hindrance during meditation.

The meditation clothing in our women’s collection is developed for meditation and is comfortable no matter in what posture you meditate. Our women meditation clothing is tailored to a light and comfortable fit and consists of comfortable loose-fitting trousers with an elastic soft waistband or drawstring closure, fitting tops and loose shirts with short and long sleeves. The fabrics are made of natural fibres and lightweight materials such as soft organic cotton, bamboo or linen, often in combination with elastane or spandex.

Whether you are meditating in your own environment, during or after a yoga class, reciting your mantras on a secluded rock overlooking a breathtaking mountain landscape, you will find that it is a relaxing and joyful experience to wear our meditation clothing.


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  1. Yoga Pants Wellness fern green
    As low as €59.95
  2. Meditation Shirt Flower of Harmony white
    As low as €49.95
  3. Meditation Shirt 3/4 sleeve white
    As low as €59.95
  4. Meditation Shirt Flower of Life long sleeve white
  5. Meditation Shirt Buddha white
    As low as €39.00
  6. Meditation Bootleg Pants OM Shanti white
    As low as €84.90
  7. Meditation Pants with Skirt white
    As low as €69.95
  8. Meditation Pants Mari night blue
    As low as €79.00
  9. Yoga Pants Padmini Kismet anthracite
  10. Meditation Pants Comfort Flow black
    As low as €62.45
  11. Meditation Pants Comfort Flow white
  12. Yoga Pants Wellness roses red
    As low as €59.95
  13. Yoga Pants Wellness Anthracite
    As low as €59.95
  14. Meditation Pants Wellness blue
    As low as €59.95
  15. Meditation Pants Wellness silver
    As low as €59.95
  16. Meditation Pants Wellness white
    As low as €59.95
  17. Yoga Pants Wellness black
    As low as €59.95
  18. Yoga Pants Wellness eggplant
    As low as €59.95
  19. Studio slippers
    As low as €1.85
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