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Yoga Fashion Men

Yoga Fashion Men

Yogitri knows that not every style of yoga is the same, therefore your clothes should not be either. When you sweat during yoga at home or in the studio, that what you wear is the last thing you want to worry about. Clothes that are too thick, do not breathe, stick to you, or raise the tempurature of your body can force your mind to wander around, rather than being present in the moment. In our collection for men you will find shirts with long and short sleeves, pants and shorts, some with print, but also natural, discover them all.

Yoga clothing brands

In our assortment of yoga clothing for men we have included yoga clothing brands whose designers stand for durability and organic materials. These designers all have their own fascinating and specific vision.

The brands in our yoga clothing collection include Yogamasti, Yogistar, Lilikoi, Flying Love Birds, Kamah, People Wear Organic, OGNX, Kismet, Asquith London, Breath or Fire, The Spirit of Om and Jaya. The yoga clothing of these unique brands is mainly produced in Europe.

yoga fashion men