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Yoga Fashion Women

Yoga Fashion Women

When you sweat during yoga in the yoga studio or at home, what you wear is the last thing you want to worry about. Clothes that are not light, not breathable, stick to you or raise your body temperature, can affect your focus instead of being present in the moment. Comfortable and free movement is an important part of a successful and relaxed yoga session.

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Yoga legging

Wearing a yoga legging is comfortable because of the stretchy quality of the fabric and therefore moves with the body in all positions. Yoga leggings come in many colours, designs and models. Discover our range of yoga leggings.

Yoga pants

Yoga pants are available in different models such as spacious, connecting, baggy or capri. Something for everyone. Do you want to know if there is something for you? Discover our collection of yoga pants.

Yoga shirt

Yoga shirts come in two different models, long sleeve shirts and short sleeve shirts. Both versions are in solid, or with modern prints and symbols that are mostly focused on yoga. Discover our yoga shirts with long sleeves and our yoga shirts with short sleeves.

Yoga top

Yoga tops are made of breathable materials and have an optimal fit, aimed at practicing yoga and pilates. Usually it is preferred here that the shoulder blades remain free to be able to move flexibly. The model of many tops is long performed so that the back and belly remain covered while practicing yoga. Discover our range of yoga tops.

Yoga bra

The yoga bra has been specially developed for optimal freedom of movement and sufficient support. Discover our collection of yoga bra's.

yoga fashion women