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Ayurveda brings harmony in body and mind through knowledge that comes from the thousands of years old holistic science. Traditional Ayurvedic products traditionally have several care and cleaning techniques.

According to the Ayurvedic tradition, we are all born with the three doshas (fundamental energies) Vata, Kapha and Pitta. Ayurveda aims to find a balance between body, mind and soul. The Ayurvedic lifestyle offers all kinds of health products such as herbs, tea, ear candles, oils, enemas, detox treatments, food supplements, neti pots and more. Yogini has carefully put together a special assortment with beautiful and unique ayurvedic products.

Ayurveda and herbs

The medicinal effect of natural herbs can be purifying, sooting or activate something. This depends on the constitution and other circumstances.

Neti pot

The neti pot cleans the nose and forehead cavity in a natural way, which for example works very well with a cold or hay fever. A nasal rinse with water and Himalayan salt in a neti pot is very effective and easy to use.

Neem products

Neem tree extracts have been a leading ingredient in the Ayurveda for thousands of years. Neem extracts are the precursors of toothpaste and have an internal restorative effect on various skin conditions. Neem extract has effective cleaning and anti-inflammatory properties.

Ayurvedic cosmetics

Ayurvedic cosmetics are based on natural ingredients such as flowers, herbs, essential oils, vegetable oils and minerals. These ingredients are processed into beautiful care products and are of organic quality.

Ayurvedic creams, lotions, masks, skin oils and many other sorts of cosmetics are made from various combinations of ingredients and unique herbal compositions.

Ayurvedic herbal preparations and nutritional supplements

Herbal preparations and nutritional supplements are mainly available in capsules or tablets, but also as a drink.

The active substances in herbal preparations and nutritional supplements have different effects such as sedative, appetite suppressing or other health-promoting workings. The most common ingredients are plant substances, vitamins, minerals or other bioactive substances.

Yogini has chosen Holisan products from knowledge and experience. The herbal preparations and food supplements of Holisan are certified, so that one can be sure of a good and pure quality.