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Yoga mats

Yoga mats

Complete your yoga practice with a good yoga mat. Like the different types of yoga forms, yoga mats are available in a range of choices. From thin to thick, with an open cell structure or closed cell structure, normal grip or sticky grip, broad and long lengths. Good yoga mats come in different types to meet the needs of every yoga practitioner. In order to ensure that you, as a yoga practitioner, always have a solid and comfortable basis for performing yoga, it is advisable to use a yoga mat that meets your movements and yoga style. Yoga mats are made in different thicknesses, materials, styles and colors, each factor offering special advantages for different users.

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Sticky yoga mat

With many yoga poses a stiff mat with a good grip is desired so that hands and feet do not slip away. A yoga mat should therefore have a certain stickiness, such as the sticky yoga mat. The skid resistance is determined by the material, the production process and external conditions such as temperature and humidity.

Perspiration and humidity influence the skid resistance and therewith the grip of a yoga mat. A mat made of rubber is an excellent alternative to PVC mats. Rubber is naturally stiffer than PVC and remains stiff with perspiration.

A yoga towel can help for extra grip during perspire. Especially with Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga special yoga grip towels are used, these moisture absorbing towels are available with special PVC 'studs' that provide extra grip.

Stickiness is a measure of how well your hands and feet stick to the mat. It is not a sticky feeling, but rather a sucking stickiness that helps you to hold your pose comfortably and to maintain proper alignment. PVC and TPE mats have the highest stickiness factor, while rubber has a slightly lesser amount. Make sure the mat stays clean as it can affect the grip. Cotton and jute yoga mats have virtually no stickiness.

Why stickiness is important? A sticky yoga mat ensures that hands and feet do not slip, and helps you to keep your alignment while you move from one pose to another, as well as when you hold postures for a few seconds.

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