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Yoga mats

Yoga mats

Yoga mats, a wide choice of yoga mats for all yoga styles, budgets and tastes. Each person will make different demands on his yoga mat and therefore make different demands. Some considerations.

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Yoga mat

Just discovered a yoga class or did you discovered yoga for some years ago? A yoga class is no sporting activity but part of a lifestyle. Yoga exercises, standing, sitting and lying, are an important part of the whole yoga lifestyle. The Yoga mat is one of the ' basic equipments for a correct yoga practice.

Basic yoga mat

The basics, all round yoga mat is the ideal instrument for the first yoga experiences. Not such a stiff yoga mat for a cheap price but a solid, good yoga mat for an acceptable price. As a beginning yoga practitioner is a mat between 4 and 6 mm well suited, will provide the necessary stability, comfort and grip.

Choose an eco-friendly yoga mat

Yoga mats are there in many materials, colors, sizes and with and without motive. In addition, there are many yoga styles. The yoga style or form, your preference for an eco-friendly yoga mat and your wishes an quality requirements to be met, definite your choose. A PVC yoga mat is strong and sturdy, yoga mats made of TPE or natural rubber are environmentally friendly. Altogether, choosing a appropriate yoga mat that's fairly well for you and your yoga style is not a simple choice, view therefore our offer, in all calmness, and make your choice.

YOGA STYLE and yoga mat is one

It is important to know some things before you buy a yoga mat.You need to know the style of yoga you will practice, personal preference of material, intensity of using and do you have to bring the mat anywhere else than home.