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Crystal gemstones are rare en are formed in different ways. These crystals have a healing effect. In our range we have different sorts of gemstones: Chunks, Drop hangers, Gemstone pyramids, Hot- and coldstones, Massage pencils, Pendulums, Powerbeads, Keychains, Split Bracelets, Split necklaces, Tumbled stones and Jewelry.

Gemstones and Crystals

Gemstones in the form of crystals are rare rocks, rocks that have a medicinal effect. Crystals are formed in several ways and have their own shapes, sizes and effect.

Gemstones can be used purifyingly and meditatively. Purifying internally in water and purifying externally on the body, in bath or in rooms or other spaces. To be meditatively concentrated with the energy of the stones, and to allow the effect to take effect. In addition, precious stones are decorative and graceful.