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Yogi & Yogini for Yoga, Meditation and Lifestyle

Yogitri is the distributor of Yogi & Yogini products and supplies a unique range of yoga, meditation, ayurveda and lifestyle products. Yogi & Yogini products are inspired by age-old knowledge and traditions. From various yoga cultures, Yogi & Yogini created an extensive collection, yet affordable products. Yogi & Yogini would like to enrich your life with sustainable products that have been designed and assembled with the utmost care.

If you choose Yogi & Yogini, you go for quality!

A good product has the power to positively influence your mood and give you a pleasant feeling. The designs and quality are recognized by our users, Yogi & Yogini searches with the utmost care and combines the right materials to be able to offer exclusive quality with a unique character.

The Yogi & Yogini Trademark is for all yogis who want to make a positive contribution to the development of themselves, others and the world based on joy and wisdom. The labels Yogi & Yogini Yoga Tools, Yogi & Yogini Meditation and Yogi & Yogini Naturals consist of products for body and mind that promote and encourage a lifestyle like this.

Yogi & Yogini labels

The Yogi & Yogini Yoga Tools range consists of yoga mats, yoga bumpers, yoga clothing, yoga blocks, yoga straps, yoga towels, yoga mat bags and yoga blankets. All these yoga products are available in various designs and colours.
The Yogi & Yogini Meditation range consists of meditation cushions, meditation blankets, meditation shawls and meditation benches.These meditation products are available in various colors and models.

Various atmosphere and lifestyle products are available in the Yogi & Yogini Naturals range. Products such as incense, singing bowls, prayer flags, table and wind chimes, chakra candles, ear candles, mood lights, drinking bottles, gems, massage rods, spiritual images, tongue cleaners, jewelry, jewelry boxes, oil evaporators, tuning forks and tingshas.

Yogi en Yogini Products 

Yogi & Yogini is one of the best known brands for yoga and meditation supplies in Europe. Due to the wide selection, Yogi & Yogini is popular with private individuals, yoga & meditation studios and wholesalers. The label represents a wide range of products that meet the needs of every yogi.

A small selection from the Yogi & Yogini range

Yogi & Yogini - Yoga block

The range also includes the Yogi & Yogini yoga block, pleasant to use and practical to stay in the correct yoga position when the flexibility of the muscles is not optimal. The yoga block is available in various designs and materials.

Yogi & Yogini - Yoga bolster

The Yogi & Yogini yoga bolsters are of good quality and offer accurate support to the entire spine and upper back. The bolsters are made from organic cotton and filled with buckwheat. Buckwheat chaff ensures an even distribution and therefore optimum comfort. The filling can be topped up or reduced as desired.

Yogi & Yogini - Yoga mat

Every yoga enthusiast has their own preference and wish for a certain yoga mat in terms of material, design or size. The Yogi & Yogini yoga mats come in different types. An environmentally conscious yogi goes for a sustainable yoga mat. Depending on the yoga style that is practiced, you can choose from different sizes.

Yogi & Yogini - Yoga towel

The Yogi & Yogini yoga towels are available with and without grip studs. The yoga grip towels are used on a yoga mat and ensures good grip and hygiene when practicing asanas. The yoga towels with and without grip are all super soft and absorbent.

Yogi & Yogini - Yoga bag & strap

To take or store yoga and meditation accessories, various Yogi & Yogini bags are available. These yoga bags have enough storage space for a yoga mat and other yoga accessories. The bags are made of sturdy material and have a carrying strap. Also useful are the Yogi & Yogini carrying straps that are specially designed for the easy carrying of your yoga mat.

Yogi & Yogini - Meditation bench

The Yogi & Yogini meditation benches are specially developed to be able to perform meditation practice in a good way. The Yogi & Yogini meditation benches ensure that you sit higher and more firmly so that your back is aligned nicely and straight.

Yogi & Yogini - Yoga and meditation blanket

The Yogi & Yogini collection consists of blankets of wool, cotton and fleece. The blankets are often used as a wrap during meditation or as a blanket during the relaxation at the end of a yoga class.

Are you considering buying yoga or meditation products? Discover the entire collection of Yogi & Yogini in our range. You can easily order Yogi & Yogini products online through our webshop Yogitri. We guarantee delivery within a few days throughout Europe.

Yogi & Yogini

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