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Meditation cushions

Meditation cushions that are comfortable, resilient and dimensionally stable provide the right support. The right meditation cushion can be purchased online at Yogitri. In our range you will find many sorts and models. In addition to meditation cushions, we also have zabutons which make your meditation even more pleasant.

Meditation cushion and physique

Meditation cushions are available in different heights and widths. The physique and the flexibility of your muscles also determine the choice of a meditation cushion. For example, the crescent or sickle-shaped meditation cushion is more suitable for people with flexible muscles. And with a round meditation cushion, the legs can be placed both in front of and next to the pillow.


A zabuton provides cushioning for the knees, ankles and joints during meditation. A zabuton is a flat, square or rectangular cushion and has a height of approximately 8 cm. The use of a meditation cushion in combination with a zabuton reduces the pressure on joints, knees and ankles if you are sitting cross-legged, in a kneeling position or in the lotus position. For those who meditate on the floor for more than 20 or 30 minutes, a zabuton is highly recommended.

Our Yogitri zabutons are made from organic cotton and filled with kapok. Zabutons are designed to be used under a meditation cushion or meditation bench to keep legs, knees, ankles and feet comfortable. A zabuton is a valuable investment if you want to engage in meditation practice.

Own brand Yogitri

Our own label Yogitri has been developed by ourselves with a lot of love and care. The Yogitri meditation range includes a large selection of meditation cushions with and without imprint.

Our meditation cushions and zabutons are made from sustainable organic cotton, our producer is GOTS certified. The Yogitri colour line consists of 12 unique colours making it easy to combine with other meditation and yoga products. The Yogitri brand guarantees high quality.

The right meditation cushion

For a correct alignment of the spine, a meditation cushion is a perfect accessory. The purpose of a meditation cushion is to help you to adopt the right posture in a way that is both correct and comfortable, allowing you to meditate properly, without distraction.

By choosing the right meditation cushion you can position your body as pleasantly as possible, while your joints still receive the support they need. A meditation cushion is not only for a better body posture, but can also help you stay comfortable for longer, which can offer a more rewarding meditative experience.

Shapes and types of meditation cushions

If you want to buy a meditation cushion, it is important to think about how certain cushions can meet your meditation needs. For example, you can think of the height of the cushion, the softness of the fabric and how the filling of the pillow will provide sufficient support for your body. Some people emphasize the colour of a cushion, because colour can affect someone's personal energy when Feng Shui is taken into account.

There are many types of meditation cushions available nowadays, all available in a wide range of sizes, colours and shapes. Meditation cushions are made of different materials, some of which may affect your comfort during meditation.

Width and height meditation cushion

The height and width of a meditation cushion is most suitable, depending on the physique and flexibility of the meditation practitioner. People who meditate a lot and have flexible muscles like to be as low as possible. If you are someone who does not meditate a lot and your body is less flexible, it can be nicer to sit higher.

Meditation cushions are available in various widths and heights. At yoga studios and meditation schools you regularly see people putting two cushions together to find the right comfortable posture for them.

Meditation cushions

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