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Bodhi Yoga Products

Yogitri stands for conscious choices. This means that all yoga and meditation products offer top quality, so you can get the best out of your exercise. In addition, we consciously choose products that are made in a sustainable way. With Bodhi Yoga products these two elements come together: the products have been developed with passion by yogis, and you will notice that.

Bodhi Yoga is Europe's best-known brand for yoga and meditation supplies. Because the most extensive range is Bodhi Yoga the label for individuals and wholesalers. The brand represents a wide range of products that meet the wishes of today's yoga practitioner.

Bodhi Yoga mat

Each yoga practitioner has his own desire and preference for a particular yoga mat in terms of material, design or size. The Bodhi Yoga mats come in different types. An environmentally conscious yogi and yogini go for a sustainable yoga mat. Depending on the yoga style that is practiced, a different size can be chosen.

Bodhi Yoga block

The Bodhi Yoga block falls under the rangeas well, pleasant to use and practically the right yoga posture when the flexibility of the muscles is not optimal. The yoga block is available in different versions and materials. A yoga block is a widely used yoga accessory.

Bodhi Yoga bolster

The Bodhi Yoga bolsters are of high quality and provide accurate support to the spine and upper back. The bolsters are made of twill cotton and filled with spelt huls, have an inner lining with zipper, and a removable cover with zipper and strap.

Bodhi Yoga strap

The Bodhi Yoga strap is mainly a practical tool, it helps to develop the muscles and prevent injuries as overstretching. Yoga straps can be used in different ways and at different postures, an ideal supportive accessory.

Bodhi Yoga eye pillow

An eye pillow ensures that you can completely shut off your environment, creating a relaxed attitude. The Bodhi Yoga eye pillows are filled with fragrant organic flaxseed and lavender. Very supportive accessory during meditation.

Bodhi Yoga ball

With the Bodhi Yoga balls you develop flexible muscles. The yoga ball can be used for yoga, pilates and fitness. The exercise ball is a useful training partner for strength, coordination, movement and balance.

Bodhi Yoga chair & bench

The Bodhi Yoga chairs and benches have been specially developed to perform the yoga exercises in a good way. The use of the yoga bench is to open the chest and thereby be able to breathe more freely. The stable yoga chair is a tool to properly perform various yoga exercises. The Bodhi Yoga meditation benches ensure that you are slightly higher and firmer.

Bodhi Yoga massage

For a pleasant and relaxing massage, there are the Bodhi Yoga massage products such as the Vital Acupressure and the Swedish nail mat. But also the Triggerpoint massage roller and the Shiatsu device is a nice tool to relax the muscles.

Bodhi Yoga blanket

The Bodhi Yoga blankets collection consists of cotton and fleece blankets. The blankets are often used as a shawl during meditation or as a blanket during relaxation at the end of a yoga class.

Bodhi Yoga towel

The Bodhi Yoga towels are available with and without grip studs. The yoga grip towels are used on the yoga mat and provide a good grip while practicing asanas. The towels with and without grip are both super soft and moisture-absorbing.

Bodhi Yoga bag & carrying strap

There are various Bodhi Yoga bags & carrying straps available for storing yoga or meditation equipment. The yoga bags have sufficient storage space for a yoga mat and other yoga products. The bags are made of sturdy material and provided with a handy carrying strap. Also useful are the Bodhi Yoga straps that are specially designed for easy carrying of the yoga mat.

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