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There is an overwhelming sense of calm that washes over you the moment you enter your favorite yoga studio. Maybe it are the candles or the laughing Buddha statue that greets you at the entrance. Or maybe it's just that less is real, at least when it comes to creating a space for spiritual awakening. You do not have to leave the house to get that same feeling of bliss that you get in your favorite yoga or meditation studio. With the following tips you can create your own personal yoga or meditation room at home where you get the same feeling of bliss as in the yoga studio:

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How do you create your own Yoga Sanctuary?

You do not even have to leave your house to experience the same feeling of bliss as in the yoga studio. Here are some tips to make a comfortable yoga room at home.

Keep it Simple

Spacious furniture and accessories are not important. Only include items that are functional or beautiful. Remove everything that neither serves your space, or doesn't meet your specific needs. This will remove distraction, and turn your room into a blank canvas. Place functional accessories in the room that support your yoga or meditation practice. For practicing asanas you can think of a yoga mat, yoga bolster or yoga blocks. And if you are a meditation practitioner then a meditation mat, a meditation cushion, a meditation bench or chair with a comfortable warm blanket is sufficient.

Add Green and Natural Elements

Yoga nurtures your relationship with nature, and helps you achieve true mindfulness with the help of soothing green. You can ensure that certain corners get a beautiful plant, so that you can rest your eyes while practicing yoga poses. Natural elements can make a huge difference and that is why you could add furniture from wood to the interior. The combination of wood and plants gives a beautiful view and helps you to create peace and positivity.

Make a Yoga Altar or a Meditation Shrine

At the place where you practice your daily yoga or meditation, you can create an altar or shrine where you can focus your attention. Here you can place objects that will inspire you, remind you of your own spiritual journey and be practical tools for your practice. For example, you can think of candles, flowers, statues, incense, photographs (of people or places that offer you spiritual inspiration), music and books. In essence you create your own sanctuary where you can communicate with yourself and the potential in and around you.

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Place Crystals or Gems

By placing crystals or gems in your yoga or meditation space, you can bring a new world of intentions, energies and powers into your life. From creating positive change to manifesting intentions, giving protection, increased intuition and a deeper sense of compassion and unconditional love, these little beauties can help you get more depth and depth.

Listen to Singing Bowls or Mantra`s

Sounds are important, they influence our state of mind. Spiritual sound instruments have been used for healing, cleaning and relaxation for more than a thousand years. Sound can be used to help purify the mind and soothe body, thus you will experience a more restful practice. Relax on the vibrations of the gong or singing bowls as you meditate on opening your heart for infinite love and light. Or listen to mantra music and experience a deep state of peace.

Use Essential Oils

Many yoga practitioners enjoy the use of essential oils in their daily yoga practice. These oils are in fact the life force and medicinal properties of plants. When used properly and with respect, essential oils can be extremely powerful and healing for body and soul. Because of all these wonderful things, it is only logical to integrate them into your yoga practice. The greatest benefit of essential oils in yoga is to bring the mind into a space of focus, concentration and inner peace.

Set the right Lighting for Atmosphere

Do not underestimate the lighting. Lighting is important and has a huge impact on your mood and well-being. Of course you can practice yoga every part of the day, it does not matter if you do your asanas in the morning or late at night, you want to make sure that the room is well lit. If possible, install dimmers on skylights. Choose lamps that provide functionality and atmosphere, Himalayan salt lamps are an example of this and also have a positive effect on the indoor air. Lightweight cotton curtains are also a great option to help filter light and privacy, and to add softness to a room.

Add Motivational Wall Art

Finally, motivation plays a major role. Think of motivating wall art in the form of a beautiful Mandala on the wall, or a yoga tapestry , or even framed quote art that tells the philosophies of yoga. The possibilities are numerous, so let your imagination run wild and decorate your yoga or meditation room to perfectly resonate with your mind, body and soul. Yoga is an art that can be practiced anytime and anywhere. However, letting yourself go to the power of yoga in a comfortable, inspiring environment is truly a unique experience.

Use the above ideas to create your own personal Yoga Sanctuary, a place where you feel bliss and love for yourself!



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