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Yoga Mats & Props

A yoga mat should fit the yoga form you practice

So will the dynamic Power yoga form ask for another yoga mat as Vipassana or Hatha yoga, where movements are smooth as much as possible. The appropriate Yoga mat must comply at different criteria.Yoga achieves the harmony between opposites, from an objective view. Therefore choose in calmness and use your intuition.

Yoga products

Products for practicing yoga are yoga mats, yoga rugs, yoga blankets, yoga bolsters, books, yoga straps and yoga blocks.

Yoga mat

Using a yoga mat has many advantages. A good yoga mat is slip resistance, has a proper grip ensures the hands and feet from sliding around during the practice of yoga, this gives security. But a yoga mat also offers stability (very important when standing exercises), hygiene and comfort. Don't you know as yogi which mat you should choose, choose an all round Yoga mat of good quality with a standard thickness between 4 and 6 mm.

Thin or thick yoga mat

A thin Yoga mat is suitable for standing exercises, a thick mat is preferably suitable for reclining and seated exercises, where comfort, warmth and grip. At sweat a lot it is a towel, fleece or cotton blanket over the mat.

Personal preference depending on your yoga style, is the style dynamic or easy going. The color, material and design is mostly a personal choice. The choice of the material is strongly dependent on the intensity of use. Also, you can make a conscious choice between an ecological, eco-friendly yoga mat or not. PVC is compared to, for example, a TPE or natural rubber yoga mat not environmentally friendly but very strong.

Your new yoga mat

Now purchase a yoga mat after smooth to the touch, this is due to a layer that is applied during manufacture. This is easily remedied, clean the Yoga mat with a soft, ecological soap and let the mat dry before you will use.