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Meditation cushions round

Meditation cushions round

On a round meditation cushion can be seated in two ways, the legs crossed infront of the cushion (lotus position), or the legs kneeling alongside of the pillow (seiza).

Classic round cushions

The classic round meditation cushions ensure that you can tilt the pelvis forward, so that the natural curvature of your spine is maintained and your knees are directed freely downwards. From here, your legs can take on any desired position that you like most. It is advisable to combine a meditation cushion with a zabuton so that your knees and ankles can rest in a comfortable and gentle way. Read more.....

The round Raja meditation cushions of Yogitri have a height of about 15 cm and is the most used meditation cushion. This model is available with and without imprint.

The low Nada and Moreh meditation cushions from Yogitri are suitable for lean meditation practitioners with not too long legs. Low sitting requires flexible muscles.

The round Laya meditation cushions of Yogitri have a height of about 20 cm and are suitable for less agile meditation practitioners with long legs.

The high Agni and Maha meditation cushions of Yogitri are used not only for meditation, but also as a yoga cushion or yoga post for yoga or sitting exercises.

The cross-section of a standard meditation cushion is approximately 30 cm. For extra comfort for people with wider hips, there are also pillows with a diameter of 40 cm.


Round meditation cushions can also be placed on their side, after prolonged meditation tension in the legs can occur. By placing the cushion on its side, the legs are less stressed. At meditation schools they often place two pillows on top of each other.

Often, when the knees are being loaded, meditation cushions are placed under the knees for support. You can also use a pranayama yoga punch for this.

Yoga Hocker

The high Yogitri meditation cushions, also called Yoga Hockers, are very suitable as a seat cushion in the yoga studio or just at home. The Maha meditation cushion is the highest and has a high and wide seat, the size is approximately 40 Ø x 40 cm. The Agni meditation cushion has a size of approximately 30 Ø x 35 cm.


The Zafu is the traditional Japanese pleated round meditation cushion. The characteristic feature of this pillow is that it lifts the hips and the upper body so that the legs can rest comfortably. This variety of pleats has an ergonomic design and offers you comfort in sitting in the right position. In addition, this cushion ensures proper alignment of the spine and stabilizes the back. If you use this cushion correctly, the spine gets its natural curvature.

The Yogitri Zafu meditation cushions have a low wide seat, only because of the folds other than the classic media cushions. Just like the classic pillows, Zafu's are generally used in combination with a zabuton.

Brand Yogitri

Our own brand Yogitri consists of the Raja meditation cushions with and without imprint, the Nada, Laya, Moreh, Zafu, Agni, Maha and Indra cushions. The label Yogitri has been developed by ourselves with the utmost care and love.

The Yogitri meditation cushions are Fair Trade made from organic cotton and are filled with buckwheat chaff . The Yogitri zabutons are filled with bio kapok filling. The producer that we work with is GOTS certified.

The entire Yogitri collection consists of 12 unique colours. The fabric colours are always the same in terms of paint bath, which means that all products can be perfectly combined. Quality, organic and sustainability is what you can expect from all Yogitri products.

With our Yogitri products you can easily put together your own meditation set with which you can better shut yourself off from the outside world. Think for example of a meditation cushion, with or without imprint, combined with a comfortable zabuton. In addition, a nice soft warm meditation blanket and perhaps a soothing eye pillow if you meditate while lying down.

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