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Ambiance products

Ambiance products

Yogitri tries to contribute to a harmonious environment by offering ambiance products. These ambiance products have been selected by us with utmost care, so that they can positively influence yoga, meditation, life and workspaces. Yogitri only sells ambiance products that suit a yoga lifestyle. For many yogis, a sober atmosphere is soothing. Some yogis like to have the positive and unique effect of spiritual symbols in their living environment. These spiritual symbols, such as the Flower of Life or OM, are incorporated in many of our lifestyle products.

Yoga lifestyle

The style of life is different for everyone. Yogitri is fascinated by the profound yoga philosophies in which the ancient Vedic yoga writings are described. You can adopt these writings as a lifestyle to become as pure as possible, and with which you can develop a meditative attitude to life.

The senses are constantly observing. Feeling, seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling is what influences our state of mind. By means of our senses we express our personal taste and create a harmonious living environment. Colours, smells, symbols, sounds and energies influence the atmosphere.

Chakra products

The chakra philosophy tells us that everything is a source of energy with all kinds of specific functions. These energy sources consist of the trinity elements of energy such as positive, negative and neutral. By focusing your attention on that, and becoming aware of it, you can harmonize with it.

In our range of ambiance products we have various chakra products that support the balancing of different chakras, such as chakra candles, singing bowls and gems.

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