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Tokyo Design studio and Oriental Selection tableware

Tokyo Design Studio is founded in 2010. Tokyo Design Studio creates high Quality tableware inspired by both Japanese tradition and the eclectic international lifestyle of modern day Tokyo. Almost all our products are traditionally produced in Japan and available across the globe.
With design teams located in both The Netherlands and Japan we aim to create a unique and constantly evolving signature where East meets West and tradition meets the new. Respecting centuries of porcelain and pottery heritage, we constantly look for unexpected perspectives that help us create the tableware of today and tomorrow.


The creative cross-pollination between Japan and the Netherlands dates back to the 16th & 17th century when inspired by porcelain imported from the Orient the Dutch developed Delft Blue, which over time became so popular it sparked its own artistic interpretations from Japan in return. Tokyo Design Studio celebrate these cross-cultural collaborations of the past and add a new chapter by giving a unique European twist to traditional Japanese pattern and tableware design.


Modern day Tokyo is one of the fashion and lifestyle capitals of the world, an innovative melting pot where trends are combined and born. Next to reinterpreting classic Japanese designs, Tokyo Design Studio takes inspiration from these trends to develop unique contemporary lines, such as our Kasuri line based on the ikat trend visible in fashion.


The products are made in Japan via an artisanal method perfected over the last 400 years. The tabelware products are baked twice, then decorated one colour at a time, glazed and baked again. Throughout the process a meticulous quality control is applied making sure each Tokyo Design Studio product is of the highest Quality.

About Tokyo Design Studio

From a small store in Amsterdam in the 70’s to a global operating wholesale company nowadays; the story of Tokyo Design studio and Oriental Selection tableware, has always been one of Dutch entrepreneurship with love for Japanese culture. Until this day the symbiosis of the two inspires the very essence of Tokyo Design Studio. Combining the best of both cultures into a family run enterprise where loyalty, Quality and long-term business relations are valued eQually to commerciality.

The modern day Tokyo Design Studio is a market leader operating in three divisions: home & living, restaurant & kitchen and healthcare. Tokyo Design Studio products can be found in the world’s most renowned stores, such as Lafayette (France), Stockmann (Scandinavia and baltics), Kaufhof and kadewe (Germany), La Rinascente (italy) and Bijenkorf (the Netherlands) as well as many other well regarded national and international (concept) stores and retail chaines.

Home & living
Since 2010 Tokyo Design Studio designs and develops the globally distributed tableware brand Tokyo Design Studio. A brand inspired by Japanese culture and praised for its refined contemporary designs and high Quality standards.

Restaurant & kitchen
From traditional Japanese tableware to essential equipment for the modern fusion kitchen, CNB enterprises delivers all necessities for the Oriental inspired cuisine.

Oriental medicine has a tradition of over 2000 years. The brand distributes the most renowned healthcare products and brands originating from this esteemed tradition.

Tokyo Design studio le bleu de nîmes
Break the traditions of table setting by mixing the funky designs of Le Bleu De Nîmes. Each unique pattern in trendy dark blue is a mini piece of art: some are based on traditional Japanese themes such as stylized leaves, waves and fish bones, others are newly designed according to the latest trends. Available as a tea and coffee set in a variety of commercial shapes, the collection is as versatile as it is extraordinary.

Tokyo Design Studio Sendan Black
The longer one gazes at the Sendan bowls and plates, the more fascinating this traditional Japanese design will appear. Now also available in sleek, deep black, the beautiful interaction between fine lines and rings seems even more dramatic. Luxurious yet trendy, this high quality porcelain is an immensely versatile eye catcher. Based on the traditional Japanese tokusa (stripes) theme, the designers created this timeless collection with a striking radial pattern in fine blue lines. The sturdy porcelain is robust, but not heavy, and a joy to use every day. The dramatic yet soothing style makes the Sendan Tokusa collection an instant favorite.

Tokyo Design Studio Seigaiha
In a rich indigo on crisp white, the Seigaiha collection features beautifully detailed waves in a striking pattern. They are the traditional lucky motif in Japanese symbolism, representative of the boundless ocean, the flow of energy and good fortune. Like the other ‘Fine Patterns’, Burashi and Fleur the Ligne, Seigaiha pieces are made from high quality Japanese porcelain with an elegant matte finish.

Tokyo Design Studio Burashi
The robust brush stroke patterns on vivid white porcelain of the Burashi collection makes an eye-catching addition to your tabletop. While both the motif and the basic shapes of the bowls are traditional Japanese, they add a surprising statement to many different styles. Whether you’re going for a dramatic, modern or classic look, the Burashi collection is the perfect star on your dining table.

Tokyo Design Studio Fleur de ligne
An exquisite pattern of flowers and foliage in indigo and fresh white embellishes each piece of our Fleur de Ligne collection. The traditionally shaped porcelain bowls and plates have some relief, which, together with a matte finish, gives them a rich and luxurious look and feel. They lend an elegant note to any dining room – on their own or layered with other pieces from the Fleur de Ligne, Burashi or Seigaiha collections. Graceful and timeless, they will make a welcome addition to your tableware collection.

Tokyo Design studio Karakusa Red
In elegant Japanese red, the traditional Karakusa pattern is a fascinating eyecatcher. The Japanese word ‘kara’ means foreign and ‘kusa’ is plant or organic: ‘exotic plants’ come to life on these high-quality porcelain dishes. Either use them individually or mix them with pieces from our Karakusa Blue collection or combine with plain white plates to highlight their finesse even more.

Tokyo Design studio Karakusa Blue
Inspired by nature, the shapes of the Karakusa pattern resemble seaweeds, ferns or vines. This ancient spiral design has a rich tradition: it is said to have originated in Egypt and travelled along the Silk Road to China and Japan. Applied to our high Quality Japanese porcelain in bold dark blue, the timeless pattern becomes fresh, modern and extremely versatile.

Tokyo Design Studio Nippon Black
Nippon Black combines the best of two worlds. The elegant shapes, decors and high Quality porcelain are traditional Asian, while the clean black-and-white is inspired by the minimalism of contemporary Scandinavian design. With a host of different decors to combine and play with, they add a subtle surprising touch to any interior style.

Tokyo Design Studio Nippon Blue
Nippon Blue is one of our classics, never out of date. its lustrous decorations are an eclectic mix of traditional Japanese and newly designed motifs in the signature shade of deep blue. Nippon Blue is available in a complete range of coffee and tea mugs, cups and pots, breakfast and dinnerware sets, everything you need for a beautifully set table. Style it with other pieces from the Nippon Blue collection, or with white for an elegant look. Flowers or geometric patterns, stripes or dots, in expressive color combinations or sleek black-and-white, shiny or matte... let your imagination run wild with our extensive collection of Mixed Bowls! They come in various sizes and shapes and compliment our other collections beautifully. Style them like a pro and create a striking new look every day.

Tokyo Design studio Geometric Eclectic
Create your own magic with our ultimate ‘mix-and-match’-collection! Relaunched this year in updated designs and patterns, Geometric Eclectic offers a cheerful and commercial tableware range in the latest colors seen in fashion and design. The slight texture gives the porcelain bowls, plates and cups a luxurious look and feel.

Tokyo Design Studio Star Wave
Fresh and bright, the modern Asian theme Star Wave will surely boost your mood! its oriental yet contemporary style combines geometrical motifs with lively, cheerful colors. Mix and match the lavish patterns and colors for endless creative combinations that will make your kitchen and your home a happy and welcoming place. The Botanique collection of plates, bowls and giftsets is like a porcelain botanical garden, with a breezy floral motif in four contemporary color combinations. Cheerful and stylish, it looks exQuisite with other small items on a kitchen shelf and brightens your table setting on any occasion.

Tokyo Design Studio Kasuri
Express yourself with the sparkling colors of our Kasuri collection. The designs are based on the Japanese folk textile Kasuri, with fuzzy-edged patterns due to the special dyeing techniQue. Our designers translated these exceptional fabrics, currently in vogue in home décor and fashion, to porcelain to create a truly uniQue tableware collection.

Tokyo Design Studio Shiki
The traditional Japanese artwork on the Shiki plates and bowls depict the ever-inspiring beauty of the four seasons: fans in light blue for spring; chrysanthemum flowers for summer; umbrella’s for autumn and silvery carps for winter. Their subtle shades of blue, red and grey complement each other beautifully for mixing and matching on your dinner table... or choose your favorite season and enjoy it all year long!

Tokyo Design Studio Glassy TurQuoise
An eye-catching collection in stunning deep blue and turquoise crackle glaze, with a high gloss finish that accents the colors. The crafting process makes each piece uniQue, with small color fluctuations and variations in the crackleware. The unglazed outsides and borders add a rustic, hand thrown appearance. Great for everyday use or for special occasions.

Tokyo Design studio Green Cosmos
Bring your tabletop to life and amaze your guests with the beautifully atmospheric Green Cosmos collection. Richly decorated with Japanese blossoms on a pale pastel shade of spring green, this beautiful collection of bowls, plates and mugs will enhance the ambiance of your kitchen.

Tokyo Design Studio Yamasaku
Food stylists around the globe are in love with the organic handcrafted style and shape the Yamasaku collection represents. A reactive glaze gives the high-end porcelain dinnerware a distinctive shade of green or azure blue, which will make any type of food look stunning. The unique, traditional Japanese design is timeless and highly contemporary at the same time.

Tokyo Design Studio Cobalt Blue
A reactive glaze gives this beautiful Asian dinnerware its striking high gloss cobalt blue shade with unusual variations of color and texture. The glazing technique adds a rich feel and makes each piece of high quality Japanese stoneware unique. its organic shapes and luxurious appearance will add a gorgeous element to your table setting.

Tokyo Design Studio Tajimi
Add character to your table with these wonderfully robust Chinese plates and bowls. Their chic traditional style is red-hot in food presentation today! The organic shapes and marble effect in a subtle, natural grey will highlight any dish you serve on them. Made of sturdy and durable porcelain, they are perfectly suitable for restaurants and other professional use.

Tokyo Design Studio Japanese Tea Ceremony
The Japanese tea ceremony is called Chanoyu, Sado or simply Ocha in Japanese. it is a choreographic ritual of preparing and serving Japanese green tea, called Matcha, together with traditional Japanese sweets to balance with the bitter taste of the tea. Preparing tea in this ceremony means pouring all one’s attention into the predefined movements. The whole process is not about drinking tea, but is about aesthetics, preparing a bowl of tea from one’s heart. The host of the ceremony always considers the guests with every movement and gesture. Even the placement of the tea utensils is considered from the guests view point (angle), especially the main guests called the Shokyaku.

Japanese teas
Bancha (Shizuoka, Japan) Bancha is an everyday tea in Japan. Made of the larger leaves, it is a coarser grade of Sencha. Given lots of sunshine, this tea is full of nutrients. Our ice green tea is sweet and refreshing. Serve chilled.

Matcha (Uji, Japan) Matcha is the stone-ground green tea powder made of the best Quality, shadow-grown tea. The tea leaves are covered with straw mats four weeks prior to harvesting. This induces the plant to produce more chlorophyll and amino acids. The more amino acids the leaves contain, the sweeter the tea. The leaves are picked by hand, only once per year. The tea leaves are then steamed and dried, after which the stems and veins are removed. The result of this is called tencha. Finally, this tencha is stone-ground into matcha. Nowadays this is done by electrical stone-grinders, in a clean-room. Matcha is used for the tea ceremony, but can also be used to prepare a traditional cup of green tea at home or at a restaurant. it is also a wonderful ingredient for ice-cream, cakes and confectionery.

Sencha (Shizuoka, Japan) High Quality first green tea of the year from the famous tea area Shizuoka. The young and tender leaves have a fruity aroma. A very delicate and sweet sencha from Otsuka, the multiple prize winning company for best tea of Japan. The fukamushi process (steaming for a longer time at a higher temperature) breaks the cells in the leaves and allows all the aroma and flavour to come out. The leaves become finer and dissolve to some extent in the cup. Thereby you will consume more tea per cup. The high Quality of the tea makes it possible to infuse the tea several times.

Gyokuro (Shizuoka, Japan) Gyokuro is made from older tea trees which are shaded to reduce the effect of photosynthesis. This is a tea with a mild flavor and is considered the finest grade of japanese tea.

Hojicha (Shizuoka, Japan) Hojicha is a brown-coloured, roasted green tea with a mild smoky taste. The leaves of bancha or coarse leaves harvested late in the season are used for making this tea. it is low in caffeine and tannin. Hojicha is mild for the stomach and is suitable for children. it is often served after a meal in Japan. Japanese people love the aroma of hojicha.

Genmaicha (Shizuoka, Japan) TopQuality Genmaicha, made from sencha, green tea, with popped rice. Also the rice is of top Quality and is known for its sweet taste. The popped rice gives the tea a nutty flavour. The sencha is first flush, which gives the tea a very rich aroma. The producer has won the prize for best tea of Japan many times.

Tokyo Design Studio knives
A stainless steel knife for slicing fish to sashimi standards. These knives are made from high Quality steel with a wooden handle. Sharp enough to slice through raw fish with ease. The blade on these knives has a length varying from 16cm to 24cm long. Made in Japan

Tokyo Design Studio Knives NIGATA
This series of knives is made from high-class blade steels as Cobalt alloy steel and is manufactured under perfect Quality control with our own DP clad technology. The knives are sharpened by handwork of a skilled workman. This is our original superior knife series for professional use because of its sharpness, durability, rust resistance et cetera.

Tokyo Design Studio sharpening stones
When you purchase Japanese knives you should also purchase a minimum of one medium (800-1200 grit) water stone. You can use this stone for minor edge repair, but the medium stone is essential for establishing an edge and for bringing up the even burr necessary for sharpening. If you’re experienced with sharpening Japanese knives, then a fine (5000+ grit) water stone is also a wise purchase. The fine stone will remove surface scratches created by the abrasive action of the medium stone and create a “mirror-finish” which is highly prized by Japanese and Western chefs alike. We do not recommend the coarse grit (arato) stone for inexperienced users because improper use can seriously damage the blade.