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  • When will my order be shipped and delivered?

    Ordered and paid Monday to Friday before 17.00 - if on stock - you will receive your order in 97% of cases within 4 business days. With the exception of Sundays, holidays and because Post.NL is very busy delivering parcels before the days of the holidays, there may sometimes be a delay in delivery times without our involvement.

    The 97% security delivered within 4 working days is the honest answer from PostNL. The guarantee cannot be guaranteed by companies shipping via PostNL. We at Yogitri cannot influence the transport and depends exclusively on the infrastructure of the transport companies.

    Once your order is packed for shipment, we will email you a Track & Trace link that same evening so you can track your order. Sometimes the Track & Trace link will end up in your unwanted email, so please check your spam box.

  • Didn't receive an order confirmation?

    You will automatically receive an order confirmation to the email address you provided. If you have not received an order confirmation, this may be due to several reasons:

    The e-mail address you provided is not correct, in this case you will not receive any furthere-mail from us. If you would like to receive e-mail, please send an e-mail to Yogitri with the request to send your order confirmation to the correct e-mail address and e-mail your correct e-mail address to be on the safe side.


    The order confirmation may have ended up in your unsolicited email. You can then move it from your junk mail to your regular inbox. Other e-mails from us will then come in future in your normally mailbox.

  • No track and trace received?

    This can have several reasons:

    The track and trace link has ended up in your spam box, an incorrect e-mail address has been entered or a technical problem has arisen due to unknown reasons.

    You will also not receive a track and trace link if a product is not in stock:

    All products state whether something is in stock or not, with the green text "In stock".

    Select a color and / or size, you will see the delivery time indication, therefore your order cannot be shipped the same day and you will not receive a track and trace link.

    Have you ordered (multiple) products under which a product is not in stock?
    The invoices are automatically created by our system if (all) deliverable products are in stock and can be delivered immediately. If you have ordered several products and for example, one of the products states "delivery time three days", then the product is ordered for you (or has already been ordered by us) and / or is taken from another warehouse. As soon as your order is complete, we make the invoice, add it to the shipment and you will receive the track and trace link by e-mail on the day of shipment.If the delivery time is unexpectedly longer and / or there are specifics, you will receive information about the delivery time from us within one working day and we will discuss the options with you. Yogini wishes to contribute to minimizing the impact on the environment and to have unnecessary transport trucks drive. A nice (yoga) saying is "patience is a beautiful thing".Providing optimum service is important for Yogini, which is why we have built in many control elements so that we almost always have an overview of all order processing processes. You can be confident that we will inform you with the necessary information about your order that is important to you.

  • Can I have my order delivered somewhere else?

    There are various options on the checkout page:
    You can choose a delivery address and a different billing address.

    Once your order has been sent to the delivery address you specified, we can no longer have it sent to another delivery address.

    If your order has not yet been sent by us, you can have it adjusted before 4.30 pm:  
    Send ane-mail to Yogitri with your order number and the correct delivery address.

  • Can i cancel my order?

    This can be sent by us at any time you wish by e-mail swith the request to cancel the order.

    If you have placed two or more of the same orders, we will cancel the double orders yourself so that only one paid order remains. If we receive double payments, we will credit these as soon as possible. If the transaction is not successful at all, you will receive a message about whether you wish to receive the order with the corresponding payment options.

  • Can I change my order?

    If you have placed an order and would like to change it later, you can send us an e-mail stating that it concerns a change or addition to one or more items. Please enter your order number and also the article number. In case your order has not been shipped yet, we can still change your wishes.

  • I have entered a wrong e-mail address. Can I change it?

    If you have used the wrong e-mail address, you can send us an e-mail with your correct email address.

  • What are the shipping costs?

    Would you like to know more about Yogiti’s Shipping cocts costs?

  • My order has been placed, how do I get an invoice?

    We add the invoice to the shipment by default. If you don't have an invoice yet, please let us know bye-mail . You will soon receive your invoice in a PDF-file by e-mail including the mention of your order and invoice number.


  • What is the delivery time?

    On every product page it says if a product is "in stock" or not.

    If a product is not in stock, the expected delivery time per product is indicated.

    We have estimated the delivery time as accurately as possible, exceptions remain such as an extra customs check of our deliveries from abroad or large orders from customers of a product in one colour, so that these are almost or completely temporarily out of stock.

  • Is a product in stock?

    On average Yogitri has 95% of the offered products in stock in our own warehouse.

    The products listed as "in stock" in our webshop will be processed the same working day if they are placed and paid for before 17.00 hours.

    Products ordered in different colors and sizes: for each product it will be indicated whether or not it is in stock and what the expected delivery time will be.

    Products for which a number of days delivery time is indicated will be ordered especially for you from one of our suppliers. We therefore expect to ship your order within a number of working days. (indication delivery time)

    Please note: your order will only be shipped when it is complete! If you would like a partial delivery, we will charge extra shipping costs for a second shipment.

    Dispatch confirmation: you will receive your track and trace link by email the same evening on the day of dispatch.

  • If I want to order larger quantities, will the products be in stock?

    In general Yogitri has a large stock of our products in our own warehouse and can therefore usually deliver directly. If this is not the case with large orders, you will receive an email from us within 1 working day with the information about your order with our corresponding options.


  • I want to return a part or the whole order, what's the best way to do that?

    If you want to return all or part of an order you have received, you can find all information about returning via the link below.

    How does returning an order work?

  • I returned my order. What's next?

    If you have returned your order within 14 days and we have received your return in good condition, it will be processed by our return service within 2-4 working days. After this return has been processed, you will receive an email from us with the way it has been processed.

    The crediting of returned orders is usually done within 2 working days.

    The processing that the payment provider / bank still needs is approximately: 2-4 business days.

    The processing required by the payment provider/bank is approximately 2 to 4 working days.

    Because of our experience, payments by credit card or from abroad may take a little longer before they are paid out.

  • My order has been received, but is incomplete.

    If your order has been delivered and turns out to be incomplete, it is possible that your order has been sent in multiple shipments.

    This happens if your order does not fit in 1 parcel and multiple parcels are needed. This can be found back in your track & trace link.

    It is possible that something went wrong: for example, we forgot to pack a product. In that case, we apologize in advance for this inconvenience. Please mail us your order number and the missing item number, we will make sure you receive the missing product - if still in stock - or you will receive the purchase amount of the missing p

  • There is a defective/damaged product, what now?

    Send us an e-mail with your order number and the description of what went wrong and also add some pictures of the damaged product. We will react within 1 working day with a correct solution.

  • My order is return sender, why?

    If we have received your order back through PostNL, we will contact you afterwards.

    In many cases the consumer has entered an incorrect address on the check out page. In that case and you wish to receive your order at a correct shipping address, we will charge the shipping costs for a new shipment again. These additional costs are a small part of the real costs we have to pay to PostNL.

  • How long does it take for my returned order to be processed?

    If you have sent your order back to us within the return period, it will be processed by our return service within 2-4 business days.

    If this return has been processed, you will receive an e-mail from us with the manner in which it has been handled for you.

    Credit for returned orders usually takes place immediately after treatment! The processing that the payment provider / bank still needs is approximately: 2-4 business days.

    Payments by credit card or from Belgium, may take a little longer is our experience, before it is processed.

    Due to Beslist not having the complete details, you will be asked (by e-mail) for your bank details.


  • I' ve got a question about the operation of a product

    In case you have a question or remark about the function or possibilities of a product, please try to describe your question or remark as clearly as possible by e-mail to us. We will then try to give you an appropriate answer as quickly and as well as possible. A lot of answers and information about, for example, what kind of meditation cushion or yoga mat might be suitable for you can be found in our webshop.

  • I am looking for a specific product

    If a product is not (or no longer) on our website, there is a good chance that the product is no longer available and will therefore no longer be included in our range. Should a colour or size be sold out, please keep an eye on our webshop. As soon as a product is available again, we will report this in our webshop by adding the colour or size again.

    Furthermore, our assortment is continuously expanded with new products that fit our target group. Take a look in our webshop from time to time to see if there are any innovations.

  • It seems to me that your website contains incorrect or incomplete information about a product.

    If you discover incorrect or incomplete information about a product, please send us an e-mail with the article number and your observations, we appreciate your opinion. We will verify your information and correct

  • Ordering different colours and still qualify for a discount?

    If you wish to order a product in multiple colors, please let us know through our webshop Yogitri. Mention the desired product in one color plus the quantities, then our system will automatically calculate the discount for you.

    On the Check out page, under the option "Your message to us", you can specify the desired colors.

    Then we will make sure that you receive the desired colours - if in stock. Should this not be the case because a colour is sold out, we will contact you by e-mail with our other options.


  • For a larger order I would like to receive an offer.

    Spending from €2000,-? Then feel free to request a free quote.

    Order procedure for a quote:

    - Go to our webshop Yogitri.

    - Login or registration is not required.

    - Place your desired products in the shopping cart.

    - Choose on the checkout page for the option "Pay in advance".

    - Don't pay the amount yet.

    - Please check your delivery address and if filled in also your billing address.

    - It is not necessary to use a VAT number, but you can of course also mention it if you wish.

    - You can give us extra information in the field "Your message to us": I would like to receive an offer.

    - Your order will be converted by us into a quotation in which a possible extra discount could be applied.

    - The shipping costs will be recalculated based on the total weight of the entire order and you can find the shipping costs in your quote.

    - The quote will be sent to you by e-mail.

    - Once you have approved and paid for your order, we will proceed with the shipment.

    - You will only receive the invoice after we have received your payment, then we can immediately send it to you by e-mail, but we will also add the invoice to the shipment.

    - If you wish to cancel the order or have not responded within 14 days, your order and your data will be deleted in its entirety.

  • Is there a login on the site for resellers?

    We do not (yet) have a login option. All prices in our webshop are wholesale prices and include VAT. For larger orders our quantity discount applies, which is automatically calculated by our system or by requesting a quote via our webshop. Private persons do not order large quantities and therefore do not receive a quantity discount.


  • Is there a dysfunction on the website?

    Yogitri tries to serve our customers as well and honestly as possible. Correct information, fair prices and sustainability are of a major priority for us.

    Have you discovered something that needs to be changed and would like to tell us about it? Please describe your findings as precisely as possible by e-mail or using the contact page and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

    We accept all challenges 100% and are committed with all our passion and love so that our customers can be as pleased as possible.

    As a competent manufacturer, wholesaler and webshop operator we deal with many of different companies and many types of internet services. For example: web security, servers, different banks, payment providers, transport companies and many other factors are all connected. In this whole chain there is sometimes a disruption or stagnation and as soon as we notice this, we try to do everything we can to detect and correct it. However, our cooperation partners and we are not always able to solve the problems immediately. Over the years, we have looked for companies that fit in with our company philosophy and are able to provide honest and reliable service in the broadest sense of the word. But it is and remains human work and we hope for your understanding if things do not go as we all wish. Should you nevertheless experience an irritation within yourself because some processes in our webshop do not work as they should, then hopefully you can see this as a challenge and try to turn this into peace within yourself.

    We would be grateful if you could recommend feasible ways of improvement so that we can better serve you and our other customers.

    We are aware that we cannot always have everything under control. With sincerity and the highest possible positive commitment, it is our starting point to solve everything in the end in good agreement. Solution-oriented action is an important criterion, and if something does not work out, we take responsibility, which is not only good for your satisfaction, but also for our inner peace. At the same time, of course, we are also working on maintaining our right to exist. Occasionally we also accept our losses, even if we have the impression that it is not entirely justified. To accept this is a part of life for us and also an important education. Would you like to do us a favour? An rating that benefits us is very welcome. In this way we don't have to spend more money than necessary for the mega giant Google to increase our findability in the worldwide webnet and we can keep our prices for our customers as low as possible.

    We thank you for your time and your trust in us and wish you a peaceful day, your Yogitri team.

  • Are all prices displayed including VAT?

    All our prices are in euros and include VAT, subject to price changes.

  • Other questions to Yogitri

    Describe your question as clearly as possible by contact form or e-mail, your question will be answered as soon as possible on working days. Questions via "Rate the products of your order" cannot be answered, this is an automatically generated message with a "no replay". Questions are better answered by e-mail than by phone. This usually depends on your question and the subsequent research for us. We wish to inform you as well and comprehensively as possible and will come back to you with the best possible answer. Do you already have an order number? Then do not forget to clearly mention the order number together with your full name in your question, whether this is by e-mail or if you prefer to leave a message with us.