Vital water decanter with Flower of Life

Vital water decanter with Flower of Life

Durable and top quality products
Vital Scale Cotula Flower of Life white 21 cm

Vital Scale Cotula Flower of Life white 21 cm

Vital water Carafe Basic Delicate 0,5 ltr

Vital water Carafe Basic Delicate 0,5 ltr

Vital water decanter with Flower of Life


Vital water carafe & 4 Mythos glasses with Flowers of Life, traditional manual labor.

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Durable and top quality products

Vital water decanter set 1.3 ltr & amp; 4 Mythos glasses with Flower of Life

The 'Flower of Life' & rsquo; counts as one of the most powerful natural symbols in sacred geometry. It is an ancient metaphor for the connection of all life in the universe. & Nbsp;

  • Content carafe: 1,3 liter & nbsp;
  • Contents Mythos glasses: 300 ml & nbsp; < / li>
  • Material: lead-free glass.

In many world civilizations, this 'Flower of Life' is known; it is mainly used for vitalizing and stabilizing foods. The shape and symbol power is transmitted and resonates in liquids. This symbol is always at the bottom of all drinking glasses and decanters of ALLADIN.

Normal tap water is weakened by the excessively high line pressure and by flowing in the same pipes. Only three minutes in the TC decanter is sufficient to upgrade weakened tap water. The TC decanter Alladin is the basic version in a series of various designs, colors, symbolism and text. They promote a responsible recognition of their own capacities and possibilities.

The cascaded set-up of six consecutive sections, with the volume of each section corresponding to one of the first six numbers of the universal Fibonacci sequence, which is in line with the geometry found everywhere in nature. Revitalized water shows a six-sided crystalline structure that corresponds to an increased degree of energy and vitality. The cavity resonance of the Alladin carafe corresponds to the sound frequency of the tone F. This frequency is the information carrier of a vertical energy flow, comparable to the energetic movements in trees.

Traditional manual labor is required for the manufacture of the products. All decanters are mouth-blown and molded by pre-processed molds. This makes every carafe unique. The life-flower motif will be added to approximately 600 & ordm; Celsius burned in the bottom. The glass that TC uses consists of approximately 40% quartz sand and is therefore a high-energy medium. The glass raw material is free of lead and other heavy metals.

TC carafes
When liquid (water, wine) is once vitalized in our carafes, the stability of this charge remains intact for a whole week, without any further decrease. The effect of TC glass products is guaranteed as long as the geometric shape and the associated symbolism remain intact. Science describes the material effect that TC products have on the biological vitality of water and other liquids as 'coherence'. It is known to scientists that coherence between the different parts of a system, or between different parts of information, creates harmony and a strengthening of the total. When using TC glass products, there are no other energetic influences (electronic, magnetic, mentally or otherwise) necessary to achieve the effect of the glass products as such. Place the TC decanter in a fixed place where the forming power can also influence the atmosphere in the room.

Please note, however, that the TC carafe is not exposed to direct sunlight.

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